Creating Art Digitally


bgazarek winter wonder paper red 529x529 Creating Art Digitally

I was always intimidated by the quality of my drawing skills. I loved to draw but I was afraid to be judged because back in school it means numbers you are gonna get for the good or bad drawing. When I discovered digital scrapbooking and Photoshop elements I didn’t know I was in for a long spell of discoveries, surprises and creativity. [Continue reading]

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Vote and Greeting Card Freebies

Wood 219x300 Vote and Greeting Card Freebies I have been very busy doing and learning digital scrapbooking these days. In May I recieved an email from about a scrapbook competition and I decided to take part. They would give away a graphics tablet,their scrapbook software, Craftartist2

10 digikits and

a certificate for the winner.

Have a look at few of my creations that I entered in the competition;

  butterflies 529x529 Vote and Greeting Card Freebies

venice comp 529x529 Vote and Greeting Card Freebies  
     rainy days 529x529 Vote and Greeting Card Freebies

I won a graphics tablet for this page.

The competition has not ended here. After three weeks, voting starts to select the super scrapper 2014. To get in the top 20 you have to have a  a long list of facebook friends. I’m not that much active on facebook so I don’t have a long list of friends. So, hey facebook users help me out here and click on each scrapbook pages above and vote for me.

A special thanks to pixelscrapper community. I have been a part of for a while and I love the place. The community is friendly and supportive. They have helped me put up some votes on my scrapbook pages. I want to thank them for their generosity.

I have created 2 greeting cards just for my blog readers and the people who took the pain to vote for me.

thank you1 214x300 Vote and Greeting Card Freebies   thank you PS 300x214 Vote and Greeting Card Freebies  Click on the images and then save them to your computer.

They are for personal use only which means you cannot sell or distribute them even for free.

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My Greeting Card Store and a Halloween Freebie

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