A Few Great Apps that Make Raising a Baby Much Easier

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Bringing home a baby for the first time is tough. But nowadays we have the help of a whole world of useful resources, many of which can come to your straight through your phone! There are several smart phone apps that make raising kids easier, but here a few of the standouts that make bringing home the baby that much easier!



  • Trancit Lite Edition: This app has been a God-send for many parents who need some way to distract their screaming babies when in public. Trancit is a somewhat trippy and interactive app that involves constantly moving and morphing colors, patterns, and shapes that many moms have found to keep their babies and toddlers busy for hours. The constant changes and touch-guided response to the baby’s pointing and poking makes for an entrancing visual and a soothing toy. Plus, it’s totally free.
  • Baby Tracker: Nursing: This app helps keep you sane when it comes to remembering when to nurse your baby. When your whole life seems to be reduced to a series of tasks and schedules it’s nice to know that you have someone close by keeping track of details for you (even if it’s just a phone app)! Time your sessions, log which side you nursed with, and check your baby’s nursing history all at the click of a button. Feeding your baby is something that you should enjoy, not stress about! $4.99.
  • BabySitter2Go: This app is a virtual toy chest for your baby. Like Trancit, it can entertain for hours, but unlike Trancit, it has a multiplicity of game and noise making options. Whether drawing, exploring, or making music (or something like music), this is an all-around favorite. (And, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it doesn’t really babysit your children!). $0.99.
  • Baby Central USA: This app is a great resource for first time parents. Recommended by many pediatricians, Baby Central USA teaches parents how to childproof their home, find local resources and classes, and medical helps in their area. Parents can network with others via Twitter and Facebook, and share ideas and stories through the app as well. Plus, the app alerts parents to recalls on baby products and even Amber alerts! And the best thing is that it’s completely free!
  • Baby Connect: Baby Connect is great because all data is saved to an online account rather than to your phone itself. Therefore, whether you lose your phone, or a great moment happens while you baby is with the nanny, your data is not lost, and the moment can be preserved and updated on your phone from wherever your baby and his or her caretaker/other parent is. Baby Connect also allows you to record all relevant data for your baby, such as vaccinations, growth charts, doctor visits, GPS location, and even temperature, to an easily accessible online account. Super handy, and it’s only $4.99.
  • Baby Sign ASL: I’ll bet you’ve never considered teaching your baby sign language. Probably, because you don’t know sign language! But research shows that babies who learn to make signs know an additional fifty words than other babies by their second birthday. What most of us don’t realize is that a baby’s mind is much more complex than their motor and speech skills would indicate. If they learn to indicate objects or idea with signs they will be able to communicate much earlier. $4.99.
  • Total Baby: This app literally has it all! Containing the same tracking features as Baby Tracker, Total Baby works for logging multiple children (even twins) and stores all sorts of data such as the dates of immunizations, feeding schedules, diaper schedules, sleep timers, and reminders to prep bottles and other essentials. The Milestones feature allows you to take pictures of and record important moments in your baby’s life, and the Doctor’s Visit tracker helps you keep in mind when another trip to the MD is in order. The total package! $4.99.
    Author Bio: Kevin Wayne writes for Health Testing Centers, which has been offering direct access to health testing for 30 years.


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  1. If you just have your iTunes, you can surely download applications that you really need. This post do help us though. Thanks for this one posted.

  2. My sister just gave birth to a baby. I think these APP will help her a lot. All there apps are cool and useful. Really thank you for these.

  3. The mobile devices and applications are becoming an important part of our lives. Such productive applications are really worthwhile and helps women specially homemakers to save a lot of trouble.

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