Getting to Know Anila Weldon of WELDON MOMS!

holding hands 1024x771 Getting to Know Anila Weldon of WELDON MOMS!Almost 2 years ago I saw this lady on TV.  In that TV show she was telling how new moms can prepare themselves for motherhood. That was my first introduction to Anila Weldon. At that time I was desperately looking for some information, support and advice on how to prepare myself for motherhood. The info that I got that day helped me a lot.

In fact I had written a post about it and shared the youtube videos of that show. You can check it out here.

Surprisingly I haven’t seen anyone in Pakistan doing much to educate moms especially the new ones about motherhood and parenting but Weldon Moms is an exception here.

A month ago a kind lady sent me Weldon Moms’  facebook page link. Since motherhood is  one of the major topic of the blog so I thought it best to know about Anila Weldon and her work more and let other moms in Pakistan know about her too.

I am impressed by the inspirational effort she is making towards creating awareness and making motherhood special.


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WELDON MOMS!®   is a support group whose mission is to educate, empower and support women during the transition to parenthood.  Where you can connect with other mothers and form lasting friendships that will enrich your parenting experience.

WELDON MOMS! club is founded and  facilitated by Anila Weldon who enjoys a celebrity status amongst the Information Technology sector of Pakistan. She is a trained public speaker with an experience of over 11 years. She is also the mother of a baby boy.

I had asked Anila for an interview and she had graciously agreed for it. So without further ado here is the interview;

1.      Tell us a bit about yourself and your family?

I am a stay at home, working single mom, with a home-based office. My son Mustafa Gill is 5 years old.

2.       If you are a working mom then how do you manage between home, work and “Weldon Moms”?

I am a working mom but I work from home. WeldonMoms, is not the only business I run. There are two more. I manage quite peacefully and easily because a) Since the office is my home, I save time on commuting. b) We have no television in the house, so we have a lot of time to manage things. c) My sleeping habits are a bit old-fashioned: I go to bed at 8:30 p.m with my kid, and wake up at 6:30 a.m for Fajar, and start my business day soon after. You’ll be surprised to know that most of my most important meetings take place around 7:30 or 8:00 a.m. while I am brewing coffee for breakfast. This may sound weird, but most of my clients will tell you how they’ve had meetings me early in the morning, after having dropped their kids to school icon smile Getting to Know Anila Weldon of WELDON MOMS!

3.       How and when did you come up with the idea of “Weldon moms”? What is your vision behind this project?

When Mustafa was 6 months old, I realized I has become isolated and cut-off, from my friends, and my professional circle. I needed a platform where I could be a mom, as well as a unique individual who can still execute ideas, plans and actions. This is how this support group came into being. WeldonMoms is targeting the progressive women of Karachi, specially those juggling between career, home-making and motherhood, WeldonMoms® ( is a support group for Mothers, New Mothers, and Moms-To-Be whose aim is to Facilitate, Empower and Support women during the transition to parenthood.

4.       How was the initial  response and how, in the start did you spread the word about, “Weldon Moms”?

Alhamdolillah, I had a good response from day one. Initially we advertised in a magazine. But soon after then, it was word-of-mouth that spread the word. And now, we rely on our facebook page “WeldonMoms” to communicate with our audience.

5.       What is your criteria of selecting members for a session? Are dads allowed too?

The criterion is simple: One needs to sign up for an interview appointment. I personally conduct this interview. Once that gets cleared, you are asked to fill out a form, and make the payment.

6.       What is your fee for a session and are there any membership benefits?

On becoming a member, you get a WeldonMoms Temporary Memebership card which is honored at every event we do. Also this card gives you VIP access to various salons, restaurants, doctors, and shopping malls, children’s outlets etc.

7.       How many members are there in  a session?

Our groups are purposely kept quite small (under 18 women only). This is done to keep the discussions deep and meaningful. However, we have many such small groups and currently there are about 5000+ women in Karachi who have experienced WeldonMoms .

8.       What is the duration of a session?

Usually a session lasts for 6 weeks.

9.       How many courses are you offering right now? Please tell us about the nature of these programs?

Visit and check out the “Frequenty Asked Questions” to know detailed info on membership packages.

10.   What are your future plans?

WeldonMoms was initially for moms with infants under 18 months. However, recently we launched the Positive Parenting Programs to cater to mother’s of toddlers and children under 6 yrs old too. In the coming months, we want to welcome parents of teenagers too. Our new business unit the “Parent-Teen Program” is about to be launched soon. Inshallah.

11.   Right now you are based in Karachi. Do you have any plans to extend it to other cities also?

Oh yes, of course. Lahore and Islamabad are next.

On 14th Feb 2011 Weldon Moms conducted a successful chocolate festival. You can check out the pictures at their facebook page.

I would love to review, interview and feature anyone doing worthwhile effort to promote, support and highlight motherhood and parenting issues particularly in Pakistan. So if you know such person, organization, magazine, website or blog then please email me at

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  1. I must say nice picture..:)

  2. I came to your blog just when I was surfing on this topic. I am happy that I found your blog and information I wanted.

  3. It affects me as i have single mom friends around and i also like the things that you discussed here as it gave me an idea on how they feel.

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