There is so much hype about autism and honestly I didn’t know what it really is? So I searched and found out that, Autism is a highly variable brain development disorder that first appears during infancy or childhood, and generally follows a steady course without remission.

Overt symptoms gradually begin after the age of six months, become established by age two or three years, and tend to continue through adulthood, although often in more muted form.[ It is distinguished not by a single symptom, but by a characteristic triad of symptoms: impairments in social interaction; impairments in communication; and restricted interests and repetitive behavior. Other aspects, such as atypical eating, are also common but are not essential for diagnosis.Autism’s individual symptoms occur in the general population and appear not to associate highly, without a sharp line separating pathologically severe from common traits, says the Wikipedia.

1) Verbal/non-verbal communication That can result in taking everything literally and misinterpreting jokes or sarcasm. Facial expressions and tones of voice can also cause problems.

2) Social interaction “People with autism often have difficulty recognizing or understanding other people’s emotions and feelings, and expressing their own,” says the NAS. That trait can mean that an autistic person can prefer his or her own company, or come across as insensitive, or might not comprehend unwritten rules of behavior – they may stand too close or initiate an inappropriate conversation.

3) Social imagination This can mean trouble comprehending danger, such as a busy road; preparing for change and planning for the future; and handling unfamiliar or unexpected situations.

Some people may also have one or more of the following: a love of routines; over- or under-sensitivity to the senses, such as not feeling pain or extremes of temperature; special interests that are pursued intensely, often from an early age; and learning disabilities.

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