Baby Care 101: Natural Ways to Bond with Your Baby

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No moment is more magical than for moms to lay their eyes on their babies for the first time. During that minute, an instant bonding between mother and child begins. The ‘first’ everything of your child is precious, which is precisely the reason why you need to take advantage of them. Before you know it, your son or daughter will be going to school or even leaving home to live life as a full-fledged adult. Before this happens, it’s a must to appreciate each and every joy that comes along with the experience of being a parent.

The 5 Most Natural Ways to Bond with Your Baby

Fortunately, there are plenty of things that you can do in order to naturally bond with your baby. Remember that during the first few days of its life, babies rely on their parents’ touch, love and support for survival. While caring for your child, you can also do the following natural ways to bond with your baby:

  • Breastfeed your child.

Although there are some instances when moms may need to bottle feed their newborns, breastfeeding is still the best option. Aside from offering natural nourishment for your child, the act of breastfeeding itself also creates a strong bond between you and your baby. During nursing time, make sure that you are in a private space and a relaxed state, so that you can cherish such moments of naturally bonding with your baby.

  • Go for babywearing. 867418 13366256 thumb Baby Care 101: Natural Ways to Bond with Your Baby

Another natural way to bond with your baby is by using scraps of fabric put together to allow you to literally wear your baby. There are plenty of products in the market suited for this, depending on the age of your child. During the first few weeks after birth, babies will thrive on human contact so have plenty of contact with them as much as possible. Babies like being in a cocooned position because that is how they were inside their mother’s womb.

When choosing a sling or a carrier for your baby, make sure that it is strong and the material is soft. Know how to properly wear the baby carrier so that you can keep your child as close to your body as possible.

  • Sleep in the same room as your baby.

There are some couples who prefer to keep a separate room for their baby – but if you have the means to do so, it is better to keep the infant in the same room. Infants need a great deal of support, skin contact and they also need to hear your voice. Sharing the same room with your baby is one of the best ways to keep a close eye on him or her at all times, while also providing the infant with the security that it needs.

  • Touch your baby a lot. 792152 30170309 thumb Baby Care 101: Natural Ways to Bond with Your Baby

As your baby grows, it needs plenty of skin-to-skin contact. Whether it’s touching the smooth skin of your baby’s bottom, getting the tip of your nose to touch its cheek or keeping the baby as close to your breast as possible – all these things will transfer the heat of the body from mother to infant, making your baby feel warm and secure.

  • Get your husband or partner to bond with your baby, too.

Finally, make sure that your husband or partner takes the time to bond with your baby as well. During the first few months of your child’s life, you would hardly find the time to sleep but you need to stay healthy in order to care for your baby. Use your rest time to have your husband or partner physically bond with your baby, so that there will be a balanced sharing of responsibilities between you two.

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