Chore Chart for Preschoolers: Free Printable

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Here is a preschooler Chores Chart I created today for my daughter. I have to remind her every day to do her daily chores so I thought why not create a chart that will help her do it on her own. So I created this chart with pictures in it so that it is easy for her to recognize a chore easily.

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This chores chart for preschoolers will help reduce yelling and heart breaks. Happy kids and happy mom icon smile Chore Chart for Preschoolers: Free Printable

Kids are so energetic and always wanted to do something. To channelize this energy in a positive way, you as a parent can play a big part. Make chores fun activity and a play for them. Developing this positive trait in your kids not only help them later in their lives but you will also get some time to do something else.

Doing chores is also a great way to teach your kids responsibility. It makes them feel important, confident and useful. My preschooler is so eager to help me out. Whenever I am working in the kitchen, dusting the furniture, vacuuming, washing clothes and putting them on lines, she is always there by my side trying to help mama out.

Chores for Preschoolers

The chores included in this chart are

  • Make bed
  • Go potty
  • Wash hands and mouth
  • Brush teeth
  • Comb Hair
  • Pick up my toys
  • Help dust the furniture
  • Help Laundry
  • Wipe Table
  • Wipe up spoils


  1. When a task is completed then you can reward them by placing stickers, draw smileys icon smile Chore Chart for Preschoolers: Free Printable or stars on the chart.
  2. Praise and encourage them for the each completed task.
  3. Treat Hunt

You can also reward them with treats and for that I found a great game too. Once a week you can hide their favorite treats/things under a cloth, a plate, or a toy. They can find them when the chore is done. I think it won’t hurt to have treats once a week.

Things to Remember

While teaching them to do their chores, you have to keep following things in mind;

  • Don’t expect kids to be perfect. They may not know how to brush their teeth properly, or comb their hair. There may have been some toys left off on the floor and some dust on the furniture but they will learn gradually. You have to supervise and help them along the way.
  • You are an adult and you have been doing things for a long time. Take time with kids and be prepare for the clumsiness. It will all be good with practice. There are times when my daughter insists on doing something that takes her a lot of time to do and I have to repress the urge to take it from her and do it quickly. This may work for me but not for her.
  • You can speed things up a bit using when/then technique. You can tell them, “when you pick up your toys, then I’ll tell you the story”.

You can download this cute Chores Chart here for free.

What do you do to help kids do their chores? How do you reward them? Do you have a game for the chores? Tell me your stories, your suggestions and your thoughts on this post.

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  1. Teaching children how to follow routines and do chores from an early age is obviously essential to their development but sometimes getting the point across in a fun and enjoyable way for them can be nearly impossible.

    The injection of images and fun colours like you’ve used in the chore wheel is an inspired way to get the kids interested in helping out whilst simultaniously teaching them how great it feels to contirbute and feel a sense of achievement!

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