Having A Baby For the First Time? How to Prepare

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How, indeed, to prepare for one of the most monumental events in your life? It is often simply stated, but nevertheless profound to say that “a baby changes everything”.  Let’s look at the different ways that it does.


Prepare Your Home

First of all, you have to be physically prepared. This means a room, hopefully, with a crib, changing table and storage space for all those cute little outfits. Expect your living room to be filled with the paraphernalia of babyhood: playpen, bouncy seat, soothing swing. The kitchen has to be cleaned of the exotic herbs and sauces to make room for baby food and cereal boxes.  Make room in the bathroom for the diaper genie.  When those wonderful first steps occur, make sure you remove all items, especially knick-knacks, that are lower than three feet.


Prepare Your schedule

Your routine will certainly change. If you are lucky enough to stay at home with your baby, you may start to feel some separation anxiety about being away from your career, your co-workers and the stimulation of adult company. Try to schedule some adult time in your day to maintain your sanity, such as play dates or luncheons with friends. A baby is cute, but not much of a conversationalist.  If you return to work, you have to make arrangements for a baby sitter or a day care center. You will have to get up a little earlier to drop baby off, and you may have to stay up a little later to make sure your diaper bag is packed with all of his necessities for the day. Make sure you save plenty of your vacation days, since all day care centers, and most sitters, won’t take a sick baby for the day.


Prepare Your Head

And then, of course, there is the psychological preparation. You are now the slave of a small, demanding creature who relies on you totally for every need. Are you really ready for this, especially if you and your spouse have had years of independence and freedom?  Are you prepared for the anxiety that each little cough or twitch brings about? Even the most laid back women turn into incessant worry warts once they give birth. Someone once said that the decision to have a baby was like deciding to have your heart walking around outside your body.  Be prepared for a level of concern and anxiety like you have never known before.


Yes, a baby changes everything. 

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs you will ever have, and no stage is tougher than the first few months with your first born child. By doing a people search you can look up for experienced parents out there who can give you tips and advice on how to handle challenges of parenting. Put your worries aside and get the basics and be the best parent to your first born child.

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  1. “A baby changes everything.” It’s hard to communicate that concept fully to expecting parents. I don’t really try anymore, but you list here is a good one. The baby picture is exceptionally sweet too. :)

  2. I believe that having a baby for new couples are very exciting. First baby of the family will bring happiness.

  3. Having a first baby will definitely change everything from your schedule, your workload, sleeping time and most importantly your financial needs. Every mother should be well prepared for it.

  4. It is hard being a future mom. There were lots of things to adjust on it. Basically on the different a aspect of life. Really a cutie baby that being posted here. I like it much!

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  5. Having a baby for the first time is very exciting and pretty scary too i guess. Because all i know is baby is very sensitive and there are a lot of things that you should know on how to take care of them. The tips and information that you provide in this post are very valuable and important especially to those who will have a first baby :) . This is gonna be helpful to me too in the future :) .

  6. I would always recommend to think about the future of the baby. And you know there are expenses related to the babies and your monthly expense- suddenly will go high after you have the baby.

    Baby needs care- baby needs the best thing- baby needs time. So you should think of a better after baby plan.

  7. Preparing for your first baby Ready yourself for the experience and try to live in the moment. Nine months goes by faster than you’d think it does. Don’t focus on how painful you think it might be, just try to remain calm and enjoy the ride. No matter how many kids you end up having,

  8. My wife is having baby soon, and I can’t wait till she is due.

    • generally mother can feel baby moving as early as 16 weeks, but for first-time mothers may not feel the baby moving until 20 weeks or more.

  9. Of the joys and challenges you face in life, none is more extraordinary than having your first baby.

  10. I agree that it is very stressful sometimes to be a parent to a newborn baby especially for first timer parents. I believe it would become less stressful when parents ask for all the help they can get. This is especially true for mothers who are even more emotional in dealing with parenting for the first time. This is where parenting books and other resources such as recommendations from fellow parents. But after all the stress, just looking at our precious little ones makes it even more worth it.

  11. Thanks for the advice! Hmm, you know, despite all the preparation, taking care of a baby is an exciting and hectic experience. It can be confusing and, in the end, hands-on experience is the best teacher – though advice from the experienced is always useful.

  12. Well, today you can never go wrong in preparing for your first time kid as you are too excited to see him/her in this world. My first time was definitely a very organized one and all the people around me are totally excited and are willing to help. I must say that you just need to enjoy the moment and always seek help and advices from your parents, relatives, and closest friends.

    • @Sofia, you are lucky to have the support from your loved ones. Tips and advices from your elders and friends are always valuable. At this time the more help and support you get from them, more easily you’ll be able to take care of your newborn.

  13. Having a baby for the first time gave me a lot of many experiences in life. The experience was indeed amazing!

    • @Street smart thanks for stopping by and leaving all those wonderful comments. I would prefer replying to a name rather than a keyword :).
      Becoming a mom is an amazing experience and you get to know many hidden qualities in your personality you were never aware of before.

  14. Anubhav Dutta says:

    i still remember d day i had my first baby…was a deep meaning and a bestest experience for me.well it was a year back n i was kindaa unprepared den..i didnt kno wat to do..n how to make things work smoothly…well my husband and me managed it somehow…. den a couple of days back..i found out about http://www.nappytimes.com .that website is a wonder.i wish i had seen it earlier….over der i found out all d answers to my queries…well esp dis one http://www.nappytimes.com/blog/entry/tips-for-first-time-parents

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