How To Choose The Right Clock For A Child’s Room

mickey clock thumb How To Choose The Right Clock For A Childs RoomThere are many factors to be considered when you’re looking for a new clock for your child’s room. Older children are likely to need an alarm clock so that they wake up on time for school, while younger kids will probably get more use out of an analog clock with large numbers that will help them tell time. No matter what type of clock you choose, it should match the decor of the room and the numbers should be easy to read.

Digital Clocks Vs Analog Clocks

Most children would rather have a digital clock in their room than an analog clock because digital clocks are easier to read. It is a good idea to buy an analog wall clock for your kid if they are not very experienced at telling time. A clock with large numbers and brightly-colored hands is great for a child’s room, especially if the face of the clock is white and the numbers are very easy to read. It is a good idea to hang this type of clock high on the wall, away from furniture so that your kid can’t pull it down and hurt themselves.

An older child will probably want a digital clock because they are easier to read when you are half-asleep. Most digital clocks have alarm settings, but your child may prefer to use the alarm setting on their cell phone if they have one. Some kids prefer a digital clock that has a place for them to plug-in their MP3 player. This will give them better control over the sounds they wake up to. Most kids would much rather wake up to a song by their favorite band than a normal alarm clock tone. You can also buy a clock-radio so that your kid can wake up to their favorite radio station.

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Choosing the Best Type of Clock

The best type of clock for your child’s room will depend on what the clock’s main purpose will be. Kids who don’t have trouble waking up in the morning would probably do best with an alarm clock next to their bed. If your kid wakes up in the morning without an alarm but has trouble staying on task when they are studying, a desk clock is probably a better choice. Desk clocks are also a good choice for kids who are apt to push the snooze button because the desk is probably far enough from their bed that they would have to get out of bed to push the snooze button or turn off the alarm.

Wall clocks are a great choice for small rooms because they take up the least amount of space. They are also a good choice for small children, as most clock contain small parts that could be very harmful if swallowed, and they can be placed high on the wall where a small child will be unable to disturb them. A wall clock is not a good choice for a room that is very large or has many angles because your kid will probably not be able to see the clock most of the time.

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Clock Styles

The style of clock in your child’s room is likely to depend on your child’s personality. Most kids want to have everything in their room feature a certain color or movie character. Clocks are usually inexpensive and easy to replace, so buying a character clock is a good way to indulge your kid’s love of a favorite movie or TV star. It is a good idea to choose a clock that fits with the overall scale of the room. A very large clock will look out of place in a small room, and a small clock will look even small if it is hung in the center of a large wall.

Novelty Clocks

Some parents feel that buying a character or novelty clock for their kids sends the message that keeping track of time and being on time is not important, but most kids understand that the world runs according to a time schedule and not being on time can have serious consequences. It is actually a good idea to buy a character clock for your child when they are learning how to tell time because it will help them get interested in the concept of time and learning how to read a clock.

Let Your Child Influence Your Decision

If you are unsure what type of clock is best for your child, it is a good idea to show them pictures of several clocks you are thinking about buying and allow them to choose which one they would like. This allows them to choose their own clock within limits you have set.

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  1. I personally prefer watches with a clear white dial- whether the clock is analog or digital.
    A white dial in the background makes it easier to see the hands of the clock from a distance, which is not possible if the background is too cluttered or has too many colors. Not only that, it is not possible to see the time from a very cluttered dial when lights in the room are dim.
    That is one feature I always keep in mind while buying a wall clock.

  2. @Ambika thanks for dropping by. That is really a smart tip. I have a clock in my room with the same background color and the hands(golden). I am thinking to change it with a new one. I’ll keep your tip in mind before buying a clock.

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