How to Get Your Toddler Eat

Making a toddler to eat who is already fussy about eating is the most difficult task if not impossible. He may not like to eat what you have cooked for him or he may not want to eat at the time you want him to. He can also refuse to eat anything at all. This kind of behavior shows that he is enjoying his newly discovered independence.110850097211 thumb How to Get Your Toddler Eat

So what should you do to feed your kid? Should you force him to eat or just let him do whatever he wants to do?

Both of these options are overruled.

As a mom of a fussy eater I have to be on my toes all the time. I have to have a lot of tricks up my sleeves to get my little one eat something. I just don’t want to feed her “something” but I want her to have a healthy and nutritious meals at proper timings. I also want her to help develop healthy eating habits that could last for the lifetime.

But wait!

Am I asking too much?

Yes I am.

But all the parents want the same.

So what is wrong with it if I’m wanting it too?

There is nothing wrong about it


It cannot happen overnight.

Giving time is the key.

I’m going to share with you some ways that helped me to get my toddler eat.

Eat with your kids. I know this is difficult thing to do. Mothers are always busy. Try to time your eating times with your toddler. There are lots of things to do and eating with a toddler takes lot of time and patience.

But think of the relief you will feel when you know that your kid is playing with a full stomach. Full stomach also means that the toddler won’t be munching on salty chips or fast foods you want him to avoid eating.

Make a list of things your kid wants to eat. It could be anything like vegetable, fruits, biscuits or bread. Try to include at least one of his favorite dish into your weekly and monthly menu plan.

Variety and presentation of the food can also make a difference. I try to give different shapes to my parathas and roti. You can shape into square, triangle and circle. This will also teach your kid about the basic shapes.a211 f11 thumb How to Get Your Toddler Eat

You can try out different presentations of sandwiches and the food. For this you can use cookie cutters for this.

Same way you can give cooked or boiled rice fun and interesting looks to make the dish appealing for your fussy eater. japanesefoodart00 thumb How to Get Your Toddler Eat

Make a routine. Kids are good to follow a routine. But if the kid is unable to follow the routine for any reason, don’t force it over the kid.

Forcing doesn’t help at all. It will make the kid loath the food and you will end up having a fussy eater who gets more and more picky with the food.

Like I said before, giving time is the key. Let them adjust to the routine slowly and gradually. The progress will be different for different kids due to individual differences.

Another important thing is for you as a parent to follow the routine and the kid will naturally follow the suit. Don’t expect your kid to do what you cannot do.

Involving the kid into preparing and then cooking the food will also do the trick. Don’t tell him off or stop from helping you in your kitchen activities.

Yesterday my toddler helped me de-string sweet pea pods(her favorite) and she was so happy when we are done. She told me, with a great sense of pride,  that she helped me. And I thank her for the help.

Everyday when I’m in kitchen, she comes there and “help” me in one way or the other. Cooking with my toddler is a fun activity for me and my toddler both that we enjoy immensely.

At first I used to get irritated or angry as I didn’t want her to get hurt but that didn’t stop her. So I decided to toddler proof the kitchen. After that I let her come and work with me.

These are quite a few simple ways that can make your life easy and tension free. You’ll also be able to help your toddler have a positive attitude towards eating habits that could hopefully last a lifetime.

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  1. Apple says:

    Oh dear lord. A toddler should and can eat eggs. They’re a natural and healthy source of protein and all kinds of goodness. They may even HELP to prevent heart attacks and cardiovascular disease. Yes, they have cholesterol, but there’s good and bad cholesterol, not all choleseterol is the same.

    Here’s a quick list of the benefits of eggs. Let her eat more than a few bites.

  2. oooooh. the top subject for me! and the older they get the more tricks you have to invent to make them eat! crazy! lol

  3. I just found your blog on Bloggy Moms! Thanks for sharing your article about eating! My daughter seems to be a bit younger, but we are having similar issues. In fact, I also wrote a blog recently about this called, “Cheese, O’s, and Prunes. The Diet of Champions?” I will be your newest follower. -Jessica

  4. Sayson Sharon says:

    Making your toddler eat sometimes is a stressful job. But you can patiently learn it gradually. Thank you for sharing your experience its a great help for first time mom.

  5. Aww how cute is that rice bear with an umbrella? :D

  6. Thanks for this, very cute kid that makes it enjoyable to watch over. What a cool stuff to be shared here. Pretty cool to be. Thanks!

  7. This is the best thoughts that I’ve ever read on how to get your toddler to eat. It’s unique and helpful to those first timer mom, thank you for sharing this.

  8. My neice is a tough one to get to eat. I hard to be nice and firm at the same time.

  9. Try letting your little person make his/her own food! Sometimes when you present things as an adventure to toddlers, they can overcome their dislikes pretty rapidly. AND, if they think that they are in charge of what they get to eat, it is amazing what “yucky” things they can be willing to consume! One way that I enticed my kids into eating healthy foods, was to make faces out of their meals. For instance, I used a piece of sliced turkey as the base of the face, then used veggies, fresh fruit, cheese, dried fruit and tofu as eyes, teeth, hair, etc. I learned that kids will eat just about anything that looks silly or “artsy” on their plate.

  10. DavidPark says:

    Good tips! Thanks for sharing. I would like to this also to my baby. :)

  11. Nice post.It can help me with my nephew to serve him what he want.Thank you for the tips.

  12. Deborah says:

    The tips you give or share is very useful to us. Thanks for sharing! :)

  13. I truly agree to this article. The information you share help us to know the importance of handling our toddler on eating alone. I would like to thank you for this wonderful article.

  14. Eating with your kids is important. This help them gain more appetite when eating. Some kids love eating alone but mostly, they need someone to eat with and that would be the mother or maybe the father. ^_^

  15. olivia34newton says:

    I really hard if your toddler is a picky eater you have to find ways to make them eat.. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  16. Ethel says:

    great tips and advice, wow! i guess this will really work. i’m always having problem with my nephew specially during meal time. he stays with me during weekend. i think this will make a new twist on his appetite. thanks for sharing!

  17. For vegetable intake, i prefer to make them smoothie. Involve them into preparing, it is a good way.

  18. Children need to have tasty and protein rich food Protein will help them not boring. Special dishes like fish, evidence, beans, peanuts, milk will provide young enough to thrive

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