Menu Planning for Kids and Guests

I had not planned this post but one of the comment compelled me to write more on this topic. The comment was from housewife,  one of the bloggers  I respect a lot. Here is the comment,

My hubby always wanted me to plan menu for a week but does not seem to work out due to kids’ choices or surpise guests …. On paper this planning looks fablous!
By the way you have a wonderful blog icon smile Menu Planning for Kids and Guests

First of all I would like to thank you for the kind words about my blog as it means a lot to me.

The post that was commented on was: Plan Your Menu Ahead to Save Time and Money

There are two things she said keeps her from having a menu plan and since this may have been the concern for some of the other readers too, I decided to address this issue in detail.

  1. Surprise Guests
  2. Kids’ Choice

surprise guests Menu Planning for Kids and GuestsOf course there are surprise guests but you can also plan an emergency menu plan or you can also name it guests menu plan. Planning should make your life simple and easy not complicated. So whenever you are planning, also plan for the unexpected. Menu plan should be a flexible one in which you could include some extra dishes for the surprise guests.

Don’t change your plan for the guests instead add a couple of extra dishes to your menu. This way you have a lot of variety and you can also impress your guests with your culinary and home management skills.

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The second thing you mentioned in your comment is kids’ choice. This is actually the most important factor while planning your menu. In my previous post I had suggested to let your kids participate in menu planning. Ask them what would they like to eat, also include your and your hubby’s favorite dish while planning the menu.

Tell your kids since you have included their choice in the menu they should also respect your choice and have a taste of their parents’ favorite dishes. Tell them the nutritional benefits of the vegetable, meat, lentil or whatever the main ingredient of the dish is.

moms who nag kids create picky eaters Menu Planning for Kids and Guests

But in your enthusiasm to feed your kids, don’t forget that there is a huge difference between forcing and coaxing. There is actually a study by UK that suggests the rules moms set to make sure kids are getting a balanced diet, may in fact reduce a child’s ability to respond to internal hunger and fullness cues. In turn, these children grow up to become adults who either are picky eaters or may overeat.

Read more at FYI Living: Moms Who Nag Kids Create Picky Eaters

Parents are great role models for their children. If you don’t like a certain dish and you want your kids to eat it then you are knocking on the wrong door. There are so many things parents can do to coax their children.

I know it is hard but who says it is going to be easy? Parenting is the hardest job on earth and there is nothing that could prepare you for it but you should just learn to keep your head on your shoulders :).

I am going to say it again planning menu really saves you time and money and I am saying it from experience. I made my first menu plan when I was not even married and studying in college. My mother had asked me to grab a pen and paper to create a monthly menu plan. I sat with my mother and both of us created a monthly plan while keeping in view everyone’s choice.

What is it that keeps you from planning a menu? Please share your thoughts with us through comments.

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  1. Great reply to the comment!!

  2. I really like your blogging.. you are doing a great Job!

  3. I used to love menu planning. I love cooking and am actually planning on returning to school to obtain my degree in culinary arts. This past year has been very difficult for us on the menu planning front. We are hardly ever home and while I would love to have my family home for a home cooked meal around the dinner table that is not going to happen. So recently I sat down with my husband and we went over our food budget (which was out of control from eating out) and told him that we obviously are not going to change our schedule so we need to change our plan. Preparing foods that can easily be on-the-go, packed, reheated and eaten with one hand. So starting in the month of April I am planning our menus around our family instead of trying to plan our family around our menu.

  4. We and my husband also plan our food for the week. As of now that we don’t have kids yet we only include surprise guest.

  5. This is so true that planning a menu is definitely smart. But it is harder said than done. The same goes for coaxing children to eat healthy. I was shocked to read about the bad effects of forcing kids to eat healthy. Thanks!

  6. It is really hard to offer kids food easily. My sister also has the same problem whenever she would plan a menu for a party. You really want to please everybody especially the kids they brought. Her way is just adding some extra to the menu so that there are varieties of dishes for the guest to choose.

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