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bored kid thumb Mom, I’m Bored We’ve all heard the words "I’m bored" from our kids during the school holidays and unless you want them to sit in front of a TV or computer screen all the time, it’s up to you as parents to come up with creative ways from them to spend their time.
Exercise, sports, going to the park, in fact any physical activity, is a great way to entertain and keep the kids active and healthy.  However this will usually involve either the parents or child minder with organising the activity, taking them to wherever they can do the activity, making sure no one gets hurt or lost, etc., etc.  Lots to think about.  How about some quiet activity that will keep the little darlings busy for hours?


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Art and craft projects are the kinds of activities that give children lots of fun, keep them busy and teach them things, including the talents they have.  Crafts help develop hand/eye coordination in young children and if they can do the craft projects in the company of other children, they’ll also learn to share.

Making things for other people is also something kids love to do, so encouraging them with craft projects is a great way to keep them busy and teach them the joys of making something to give away. It can also teach them that money isn’t always necessary if they want to give someone a gift.
Projects that will engage young children’s imaginations include the creative use of crayons.  For instance, your child could grate several differently coloured crayons, dropping the grated pieces onto a large piece of white paper.  Turn your iron on low and put a second piece of paper over the crayon shavings, then run the iron over that long enough to melt the crayon bits.  The wax melts and runs together and creates a transparent effect.  The picture could then be trimmed into a circle or square, whatever suits the shape of the colours and taped onto a window.  When the sun shines through it, the picture looks like stained glass.
  2927963292 1a873dc4d4 m Mom, I’m Bored
Another inexpensive project that can give a child lots of enjoyment while making it and for some time after as well, is making mobiles (not phones!).  The mobile can be made out of "found" things like bits from the beach or old CDs or DVDs or even things the child may already have at the bottom of their toy chest like small toys from a kids meal at McDonalds or from a party bag or cereal prize, etc.  Mobiles can be made from old buttons that Mom has hanging around or that can be found at garage sales in an old box or jar.
The key to making a really great mobile is to find the right hanger for everything else. Pieces of driftwood or twisty branches work well, as do clothes hangers wrapped with colored paper or ribbon.  The next step is to tie everything on, making sure to keep the weight on both sides balanced.  String, fishing line, ribbon or thread can be used to tie the other bits on. To add interest, use shiny and non-shiny things so that when the sun shines on it, there will be flashes of light or color.  Add things like bells or old forks and knives, bent into funny shapes, to add sound.

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Joyce Brister is a loving parent and Blogger for the My Baby Blog.  Joyce loves writing about situations that parents are often faced with.  She would like for you to take a look at the Glenna Jean Kirby Collection at My Baby Bedding Shop.

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  1. THanks for these ideas!

  2. @Joy you are more than welcome.

  3. Ohhh, cute. She really was bored, lol. My daughter used to cut papers when she is bored, and after she cuts, she goes for a nap, lol.

  4. How cute you are!! Yuh, Obviously she’s bored.. do what your want baby… Thanks for sharing <3

  5. She really looks bored. Does she have brother or sister??

  6. Excellent post as usual. Here is another tip to add. I find that I try to be out of ear shot when they are bored. That way I am not too quick to jump in with ideas. Once they come up with their own ideas, if they are being safe I also try to be out of ear shot. I find it very tempting to interrupt. For example, tonight 4 of my 5 children created a game with couch pillows when they were bored before dinner. They were having a grand time but I was so tempted to pipe in “be careful”, don’t argue”, etc. Instead I walked away and minded my own business. Guess what – they did argue but solved it themselves. No one told on each other and they even cleaned up by themselves!!! One other bonus, they were moving instead of watching tv or playing a video game… Thank you

  7. She is so cute,she really look so bored. Actually i enjoy reading your post here thanks a lot for sharing :) .

  8. This pretty baby is really looking bored. If she only seems bored when she’s alone, try joining her. Try to talk with her, play a little, buy her toys and gifts. Hope everything will be OK.

  9. I agreed that she looks so pretty. I guessed she missed her mom so much. I will introduced him to my nephew cause he loves to play on. Well everything will be okay if she had a playmate. Why not try to play with the kids that surrounds on that park or draw the things you see in that place so that you wont be sad and lonesome.
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  10. Great post though! In the first photo she is really look so bored. Having an activity to make kids busy is a nice idea,that could be also the best way to express what they think in their mind and to develop their skills and hobbies too.

  11. She looks really bored and tired. Anyway, the “mobile” term that you mentioned above, i don’t have any idea what is that.

  12. It’s a shame that on what looks like a sunny day there is no play. When I was growing up this would have been a perfect opportunity to roll in the grass, throw some rocks, play freeze tag or anything else that burned energy and got me dirty. Now without TV or computers or game systems, kids are bored.

  13. Why not teach children to problem solve. Give them an object and ask them to think of ways you could recycle the item, using it in a way that was not intended? That will get them out of boredom and launch their minds for innovaiton.

  14. We built a little rock climbing wall in our basement for our 3 years old. He has a harness and everything…I don’t know what we will do next time he says I am bored though.

    ~Heidi (Juicing Blogger @ Juicingpedia)

  15. I also become crazy if they are bored.
    I think the best way for our children when they start to be bored is giving them something new, such as cooking, origami, going to zoo..

    • Origami is so much fun not only for the kids but adults too. We had great time creating origami owl last week and now I’m looking for simple origami projects to get her started.

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