New Moms: How To Overcome Difficulties In Motherhood

new mom thumb New Moms: How To Overcome Difficulties In Motherhood

As much as it is exciting and fulfilling, motherhood brings about feelings of uncertainty and fear among women, especially those who have just given birth for the first time.

There will be the constant question and self-doubt if you’re doing things right, and the fear that you may be doing things wrong – especially when your child is crying all the time and you’re juggling a thousand things at a time, not knowing which to pay attention to first.

The main fear among first time mothers is the fear of the unknown. It is the feeling of not knowing what to expect that can be really scary.

To overcome these challenges, here are some things that you can try doing for yourself:

Seek support.

You don’t have to do everything by yourself, or carry the entire emotional burden on your own. Try to be more open to your spouse and strengthen your partnership by rearing your child together. Talk to your family.

Your mom, aunts or sisters can probably teach you some lessons about motherhood, or give you a hand every now and then. Even your friends might be able to help you out.

Why walk alone when you can get others to walk with you? It can make the journey more bearable, fun even. Just knowing that there are people who are there and ready to support you can be a huge help already.

Take care of your body.

New moms are often subjected to a lot of physical stress. It is not easy to carry all that weight around.

You are now eating not only for yourself but for two people. Make sure you are giving your body the nutrition and rest it needs to be able to perform your duties as a mother.

Of course, you should not use this as an excuse to overeat. Eat well but eat healthy. Watch what you eat and try to grab some well-needed sleep whenever an opportunity appears.

Breathe and relax.

This might be easier said and done, especially with the pressure that comes with motherhood, but you will not be able to properly focus on the things that you need attention when you’re rattled all the time.

Take deep breaths to regain your composure whenever you are losing your patience because things are not working out the way you want them to and remember that crying is your baby’s means of communication, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong.

You can do deep breathing exercises regularly. Inhale deeply through your nose, hold it in for 3 seconds and then exhale through pursed lips. Do this 5-10 times.

Enjoy motherhood.

Relish the times you spend with your baby and find inspiration from your child. I remember my mom saying that she realized a bit too late that our childhood went by so fast and she wished that she had enjoyed the times with us when we were still little kids.

When it comes to enjoying motherhood, it is all about having the right mindset. Do not focus too much on your fear of making mistakes. Focus instead on enjoying and relishing every moment with your newborn.

Lower your expectations.

Realize that mistakes are bound to happen every now and then and you might feel vulnerable sometimes. Don’t expect that you’ll get things right the first time, all the time and make room for learning.

Setting very high expectations will put more pressure on you and might cause more strength.

Celebrate and reward yourself.

Being a mom is no easy task, and you probably have experienced it firsthand now, so you need to treat yourself sometimes. Indulge in something leisurely like going to a spa for pampering, taking a long walk with your friend to unwind, or having a romantic dinner with your spouse – you know you deserve it.

Author: Amy C. Fountain is a working mom who enjoys sharing his experiences to help mothers cope with parenting difficulties. As an interior designer, she also helps homeowners decorate their homes with Tabletop Fountains and Accent Tables.
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