Parenting Advice For Picky Eaters

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Do you call it food?

Toddlers may turn picky eaters at a certain time of toddlerhood. It is a frustrating period for parents but is it really worth being so depressed over this issue? Is there a way to find out? Do you want to know which diet plan is good and how much daily calories are required for your toddler?

Yes, you can determine whether it is a normal behavior or should you consult the doctor/dietitian for that matter.  Let’s walk through this parenting dilemma and explore some answers along the way.

Has your toddler become suddenly a picky eater?

Most of the time it is normal for your toddler to be picky as 95 percent of the picky eaters are in the age period of 2-4.

It may seem a surprising fact that an average toddler need only 1300 calories a day. So it may happen that your toddler has consumed enough to cover up his share of the  energy for a day to get going.

It is not necessary for a toddler to have 3 square meals every day just like as we do. Refusing to eat is a way of showing how independent they are and they do not need to be told what to do or what no to do? Toddler diets and picky eaters is a great article that answers your questions regarding the diet plan for your toddler.

If you dread the meal times and think that being picky for your toddler has something to do with your culinary skills then relax as it has nothing to do with you.

Parents’ job is to prepare healthy and nutritious food for their children and then it is up to the children how well they are going to eat. Parents can intervene by changing the way they present the food to their toddlers. Check out these 17 TIPS FOR PLEASING THE PICKY EATER.

Toddlers are still new to solid foods, they are still adjusting with different tastes, colors, textures of new foods. Give them some time to develop a taste for the new food. If a toddler refuses a food, don’t feel discouraged.  You can present the same food later with different presentation.

Offer variety to their food palette and be patient while their taste buds adjust to the new taste and texture.  Handling a picky eater may seem difficult but it is not impossible.

Nutrition is another issue parents has to deal with as your picky eater may want to eat something that is not part of a balanced and healthy diet. To avoid this

  • Don’t force your child to eat. Give him some time and then coax him to eat the meal or snack  again.
  • Remove distractions such as TV.
  • Offer small portions.
  • Make a routine and stick to it.
  • Don’t rush around. This may upset the toddler.
  • Offer new food in small proportion along with their favorite food.
  • Offer food in their favorite plate/dish.
  • Cooking with a toddler may do the trick as getting them involved in the process will pique their interest in food and they will be more willing to consume it

Check out Children’s nutrition tips for picky eaters to make your toddlers meal delicious and nutritious.

Many parents wonder, if their picky eaters are in need of a multivitamin? It is not up to you to decide. Don’t give your toddler over the counter medicine without consulting your doctor/dietitian. It may happen that your child do not need it at all. As long as there are dairy, fruits, meat(chicken, mutton etc.) and vegetables included in your toddler’s diet, you need not to worry.

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Happy Eating

Last week I discovered a nice ebook on the this particular topic from Happy Housewife. She is a mother of three and on her blog she writes about home management, cooking and frugal living.   In this free ebook she has shared her experiences with her three children and summed it up in 17  pages book. In this ebook, there are helpful tips, advice and suggestions coming from an experienced parent. I have found it quite informative for parents of picky eaters.  You can download the book from here, The happy housewife’s guide to dealing with picky eaters: free ebook.

Cooking for a toddler is no more difficult now with these easy recipes. There is another free ebook with easy recipes for babies and toddlers. It is the HEINZ Recipe Book for Babies and Toddlers. This 20 page ebook is filled with colorful pictures, tips and hints, easy,  healthy and nutritious recipes for toddlers and babies.

A must read for parents!  You can download the free ebook here.

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There is more to come on this topic so stay tuned. If you have any problem, story and suggestion, please share with us in comments section.

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  1. Removing the distraction of television really does work, I tried it out yesterday!

  2. Toddlers are so cute. They should be guided and guarded as to whatsoever things that they will be doing.

  3. Everything is learned. Like a child, he has to learn many things but he can learn it one step at a time.

  4. Parents, take note of the suggestions listed here. Thanks for this article. I learned so many things from this post.

  5. It worries me that my 4 year old daughter just eat fried chicken. I really thought that it’s not normal.

  6. I’m afraid, my picky eater toddler has developed into a picky eater 8 year-old. We are cosntantly trying to get him to eat “big people” food and sometimes he does but I’ll still describe him as a picky eater.

  7. My sister have a little problem with her child since my niece don’t eat a lot and she is a little picky as well specially eating healthy foods. The advice that you provided are awesome and I just hope that this work with my picky niece.

  8. This post is one of a kind. Sharing this is a great help for the readers in order for them to widen their knowledge about the subject. More power to the author.

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  10. Angelie says:

    Thanks a lot for this great advice here.My cousin will be a mom and i love to share this to her.It’s so nice to read this.

  11. Angelie says:

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  13. I agree with you! I am not a m other but I do have a little sister, she’s very picky with her food. Sometimes i force her to eat food that she doesn’t like.Anyway, thanks for sharing these tips.

    • @Amber this post is written to help parents feed their kids without force. I think you’ll have a lots of choices now instead of using force.

  14. It is better to consult our doctor regarding this article. Anyways, Thanks for your thought on how to handle the picky eater. ^_^

    • Alma Myers says:

      To the Public Doctor or Private Doctor?

      I’d rather choose Public Doctor than Private Doctor! ^_^

      • I would prefer to choose Public Doctor because it cheaper and they’re also dedicated to give their best for us not for just a money but our lives :)

  15. I’m thankful my kid is not picky on foods. But I enjoy reading your article. I can share this to my mom friends.

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    Hi! I’m glad I visit this site! Your advice is very helpful to me and to all parents around the world. Thanks for sharing.

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  21. This is a very good podcast! Keep on posting for Such A Good Kind of information like this..Thank you so much!!

  22. I’m thankful my kid is not picky on foods. But I enjoy reading your article. The advice that you provided are awesome and I just hope that this work with my picky niece.

    • @Rian it is good that your kid is happy with the food. The purpose of writing this post and sharing my experience was to help others. If this could help a parent or kid then it will be quite a feat.

  23. It is a powerful and positive word.I like the word that you choose for this year because it symbolizes love,care and ready to face the challenge in life..Thanks!!

  24. Great advice! I’d like to do that to my baby too. Thanks for sharing!


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