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Teaching your kids to cook can seem like a daunting task.  If you just relax and prepare yourself it will be okay.  Sure kids are slower with cooking and can make a huge mess, but it will be worth it in the end.  You create memories for a life time and you are giving your children a life time skill. 


I suggest that you start with simple things. You don’t want them to be playing with sharp knives, boiling water and things like that their first time cooking.  You need to make sure that it is safe.  Set rules and limitations so no one gets hurt.  Have things like; you can’t use sharp knives until you are 10(or whatever age you feel comfortable with), you have to have to have mom or dad with you while you are cooking, and other things like that.  You want to make sure that your kids know all the rules and safety tips for cooking, like wash your hands before cooking and simple things like that.

I think that really little kids you should just start with simple jobs like putting the premade things like rolls and cookies on pans would be a great place to start.  You could also have them help you set the table, and gather, mix or add ingredients.  As they get older you can let them do more.  When you feel that they are ready let them use sharp knives and work with the oven and stove.  If you don’t feel quite ready for the stove or oven there are always things that you can do in the microwave to start with. Teach your kids about the different tools that they will be using explain how to use them and what they are for.  Always start with simple recipes.  As they improve you can do harder and harder recipes till they are ready to cook on their own.

Here are a couple of tips for whenever you cook but especially when you cook with children;

  • You want to make sure that you have plenty of time.  Kids don’t know what they are doing so they are slower and you have to be teaching them along the way.
  • There are also always going to be times where something takes longer than what you were expecting. 
  • Before you start cooking have everything that you need out. 
  • Read through the entire recipe before you start. 
  • Then as you finish with one thing put it away before you move onto the next. This way you are getting rid of the mess and clutter and there won’t be as much to clean up at the end.  

You and your kids will have a blast cooking and you will always remember it.

Sarah is an employee at www.readyholster.com.  She loves to cook and is grateful for all that her mother taught her while the shared quality time cooking.

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  1. great little post….as a father at times you do struggle to keep engaging with your kids..some nice tips which we can use in this regard…

  2. What are these women who go to college and grad school telling thier daughters? That you should do exactly what your mother does, that your just once you get out of college is to clean and cook and take care of kids, to depend solely on a man? I don’t understand how any mother can set this sort of example for thier daughters. I think married women should be indepedent not dependent on men, and that parents should be parenting in teams. If you are a stay at home mom, that means that the father hardly gets to spend any time with the kids, you would think a good father would want to spend as much time with the kids as the mom. Even if you tell your daughter she can be whatever she wants, you are her primary example, and if you are a housewife, you are just teaching her to dependent, that the man “Has” to be the breadwinner and that is all a woman is good for.

    • @Vaniel I think that is one biased comment against moms who decided to stay at home. Getting a college degree does not compel you to go out and earn your bread and butter. It is a choice that one is free to make and we should respect the decision one has made. Most of the mom bloggers and even dads are staying at home just to get close to their kids. Majority of them are also work at home parents. Parents are role models for their kids but their professions is one of the many factors that may or may not affect a child’s personality. I, for example chose this lifestyle not because someone told me to do so but it was “my choice”. My mom was a working mom and she never forced me to be a housewife or a working mom. Your comment clearly shows your lack of knowledge about role of parents and particularly moms in cyberworld. You cannot judge housewives or stay at home moms without knowing their circumstances.

  3. Allison says:

    I think it’s a good idea to give kids more responsibility in the kitchen as they get older. Having them help prepare family meals can be a great way to expose them to cooking on a regular basis and can be a fun activity for both the parents and kids.

  4. Cooking is also an enjoyable activity for beginners specially the children. It’s also the right time to enhance their ability in cooking. While this is happening, the teacher which is usually the mother needs to remember important precautions while cooking with their children as also discuss here. I’m sure they will enjoy learning these kinds of activity just make sure to keep safe.

  5. As our kids are still below 2 years old, I let them to accompany me while cooking.
    They can have their own cooking equipments as well (toys) and help me to cook
    I’ll give them just some vegetables to learn to cut and so on, but not yet let them touch the real equipment :)

  6. thanks for article on kids coocking, now i think my kids also enjoy your ideas

  7. Cooking is an enjoyable activity and a great family bonding. It helps children to be motivated, think wisely and be creative.

  8. For me, I think that it is very important to teach children to cook because when there comes a time that you need someone to cook during busy days they know. Cooking is just like responsibility for them.

    • I think kids love to get busy and if you make chores fun, it becomes play and fun time for them. This way they’ll be able to learn more. Cooking is a great skill which is beneficial for kids and adults alike.

  9. Really informative post. As an aunt of 6 nieces and 1 nephew, i can tell you that there is nothing more enjoyable and fun than baking a cake or muffins with them and asking them to decorate them. They not only learn to work in a team but also develop creativity.

  10. @Jenny you are right. Cooking with kids not only help kids develop self importance, confidence and creativity but also help solve the dilemma of picky eaters. Children tend to eat a meal with more enthusiasm they have helped cooked.

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