Book Review:Women & the Weight Loss Tamasha

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A few years ago one of my friends asked me, “Have you seen Kareena Kapoor lately? I said, Nope! Then she said, She has become so skinny as her dietitian had put her on veg only diet”. According to my friend Kareena looks horrible now. But I hadn’t had the time to watch any of her movie back then.

Later I saw her on TV and thought, hmm… she has shed some kilos and she is looking beautiful. Then she became so famous for her size zero and all that. I am not going to go gossiping about all the filmy news. What I really want to talk about is a book written by Rujuta Diwekar, the nutrition consultant who according to my friend put Kareena on veg diet.

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I have been devouring the book for the past two weeks and the book is the biggest reason I haven’t had the time to blog for sometime. It is not another weight loss book which will ask you to go on a special diet to loose your weight in short time.

In the book, “Women and the weight loss Tamasha” Rujuta Diwekar tells you to stop hating your body and start eating if you really want to loose weight.

Yep you have read it right, start eating to loose weight!

It was not Kareena’s personal note that made me buy the book but these words at the back cover did,

From puberty to marriage, from pregnancy to menopause, Rujuta explains in detail the changes women go through (and God knows as Indian women we go through way beyond just hormonal — husband, in-laws, children, career, etc.) and how what we do (or don’t) during these phases affects our overall well-being.

Though I am not an Indian but these words are so true even for women living in Pakistan. 

In her book she stresses the need to eat right at right time. For this she has devised four principle to get a healthy and fab body. The principles are,

  1. Eat something within the first ten-fifteen minutes of getting up.
  2. Eat every two hours.
  3. Eat more when you are active and less when you are not.
  4. Finish your last meal at least two hours prior to sleeping.

She has busted many myths regarding food, hormones and workouts. She has also explained in detail PCOD, pregnancy, menopause, diabetes and hypothyroid are in no way an excuse for your over weight and nutrition deprived body.

She tells you off for becoming the victim of society’s pressure to become thin, fair and tall.  Whether you are a teenager, soon to be married, married or not married, a mother, the only way you can look good is by getting thin. That is actually what we are told. So to get this goal we torture our bodies with different types of diets and starvation.

The pressure is so huge that knowingly or unknowingly we continue to wreak havoc upon a body that is designed to perform daily tasks efficiently but we have reduced it to merely a show piece. That is why all the time we are complaining, “food these days are not as pure as it used to be”. Of course pesticides have polluted our food but we cannot single out just this factor for our deteriorating health.

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We conveniently overlook the fact that overcooking a food and eating it at the wrong time makes it just empty calories doing nothing for our health and just adding dead weight to our body.

If you love to eat?


if you are in a mood to do yourself a favor then grab a copy and do read the book. You can buy the book from amazon or any other book shop of your choice.




 Book Review:Women & the Weight Loss Tamasha
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  1. I was waiting for your post. you didnt post for quite a few days. Seems like an interesting book. will definitely try to grab a copy. By the way, which shop did you buy it from?

  2. @Rabiah sorry for making you wait but as I mentioned in the post above I was reading the book and making some changes to my older life style.
    I bought it from liberty books. I don’t know which city you are living in but you can also buy online from their website with free shipping. Book price is Rs.395 and it has 420 pages.

  3. I read a lot about health, wellness and food. This looks like it is right up my alley. Thanks for the review!

  4. Thanks for the info. I live in Karachi and i have found the book in one of the stores. Good to know that its not so expensive.

  5. thanks for ur wonderful review! never believed that books on how to lose weight help! hope this one is an exception!

    • @Ketie thank you for stopping by. It depends on your will to lose weight and stay healthy. Doesn’t matter if it is a book or something else.

  6. But I like eating in bed at night… a few cookie and milk :-)

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    Have a wonderful weekend!


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  7. Yes thank you for the review, I look forward to getting this book and like Utopia said there seems to be no harm in having a few cookies and milk, :)

  8. Thank you for emphasizing those 4 principles. I almost forgot Rujuta wrote that. If you didn’t mention it, I wouldn’t have remembered how great the book was. I have plenty in my shelf and I’m really having a hard time remembering which of them stands out. This one is by far the best among them.

  9. This is a great weight loss program for women. I have a gym instructor friend and he want to know more about weight loss program for girls since he have lots of women client and he want to help them get the body they wanted. This is very helpful program. I will share this info to my friend.

  10. This is not merely a book about weight-loss business. It gives sound theoritical and practical advice about how to eat healthy. Especially good for a vegetarian Indian like me. Conveys the ideas and information in a lively day-to-day language with a lot of believable real-life examples with which we can easily relate and also with a good sprinkling of typical urban Indian slang. Lively, Sincere, Knowledgable and Wise!

  11. I have found the book in one of the stores. Good to know that its not so expensive. Nice tips that was been imparted here. Thanks a lot.

  12. Good review! I think this is what i was looking for to help me how to have a healthy body and to have a weight loss.

  13. Seems like an interesting book. will definitely try to grab a copy. I have plenty in my shelf and I’m really having a hard time remembering which of them stands out. This one is by far the best among them.Thanks for sharing this.

  14. Thanks for posting, maybe we can see more on this. Are you aware of any other websites on this subject..Thanks!!

  15. Being a vegetarian is not difficult. There was no doubt that the vegetarian diet is very healthy, including for pregnant women and children. People who reduce animal protein intake and increase vegetable protein, will tend for reduce fat and cholesterol and increase fiber consumption.

  16. These are the few yet always asked questions when it comes to menopause. Thanks for sharing some great answers. Excellent site. A lot of useful information here. what age does menopause start

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