What do I Need for a Newborn Checklist

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What do I need for a newborn? All the new parents need answer to that question. I had been asked this question so many times, I thought to write a post on this topic. I have also compiled a checklist of baby essentials that you’ll able to download at the end of the article and use it for future reference.

I remember the first time I was expecting. I didn’t know what to do and how to prepare for the new baby. I wish I had known things that I know now. Here are few tips I have learned by trial and error.


The reason you don’t need many clothes is that your baby will grow up fast so don’t pile them up. Both of my babies were born in winter that is why I have to buy winter clothing for them. But if your baby is expected to arrive in hot weather, you don’t have to buy that many blankets. You’ll still need cotton blankets to swaddle the baby and keep the babies warm in case room gets too cold due to air conditioner.


In Pakistan we don’t have good diaper clothes so I would advise not using them for at least first six weeks. After that it’ll be easy for you to manage. It is up to you whether you find it manageable or not. You don’t need a lot of toys now but a rattle would be a good one to keep the baby busy while changing diapers. Be sure to buy newborn size when buying diapers but don’t buy too many because like clothes, your baby will also outgrow them soon. Wipes are quite handy so don’t forget to include them in your shopping list.


If you are breastfeeding then you don’t need anything but there are some things that can make life easy. Whether you are a working mom or a housewife,you will find a breast pump and feeding bottles quite useful. Bibs can also be used in place of burp clothes.

Bed Time

If you are co-sleeping then you don’t need a crib. Fancy bedding won’t help your baby sleep, so it not necessary. I had this fear that I may crush my baby while co-sleeping but it was a great experience. Both of my babies love to cuddle and I never find it difficult to co-sleep. It is your choice how you want to do it. Baby will get used to the sleep style you want him/her to adapt. But be consistent and make a routine and if possible a schedule will help. For more tips read the following articles.

Sleeping Techniques for you and Your Baby

Get Your Baby on a Schedule

Bath Time

baby bath 529x396 What do I Need for a Newborn Checklist

It was very difficult for me to bathe my daughter. I used to bathe her in the wash room sink and she never really enjoyed it and used to cry a lot. So I bought a nice infant bathtub that I could use for the first 4-5 months. It was a right decision as my son enjoys the bath very much and don’t cry at all.

On the Go

A small diaper bag will be handy for short trips for example attending a wedding party, going to a park, zoo, for shopping and there are many places you can take it with you. Just through a few diapers, wipes, a bottle, washcloth and a onesie and you are ready to go.

Sling, baby carrier and stroller make your life easy while travelling with the baby. Try to choose light weight so that you have more room for other things.

Additional Items

This category includes walker, bouncer, playpen and pacifiers etc. Don’t buy them before your baby arrives and see whether your baby like it or not . I have a bouncer in my room that my son don’t like at all.

For more tips on baby gear head over here.

You can download the handy Newborn Checklist here for free. If you like it then don’t forget to share it with the ones who can benefit from it.

Do you have any advice for the new parents? Share your hard learned tips to make new parents life a bit easier.

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  1. How do you dry cloth diapers. I find using a dryer can be expensive but the diapers get all hard when left out in the sun.

  2. It can be a big problem. For that try washing them with mild detergent that contains not many chemicals.

  3. I wrote a similar blog for new mothers recentally on my website. However, I didn’t list the traditional items. I listed off things that made my life with Zeva so much easier this far.

  4. Hi.. I am doing some research on topics related to babies as my sister is set to deliver her first baby in next 3 weeks. This article is very informative.
    I will share this with my sister and hope it works handy to her as we all are nervous in welcoming our next generation.
    Thanks a lot !

  5. I love that you actually added how much of each item you really need. I remember sitting on the floor after my baby shower, trying to decide which items I needed, and which items I needed to take back. I ended up calling my friend, who has two kids, and asking her questions like, “How many receiving blankets do I actually need”, or “Do I really need 5 packages of onesies”.

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