What Does Your Baby See? A Guide to Your Baby’s Eye Development

This is a guest post by Sara Roberts.

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You’ve waited months to see what your baby would look like in your arms. As you admire him, you may be wondering what the world looks like through his eyes. Here is your guide to how your infant’s vision is developing.

0-4 Months

Your newborn’s eyes are almost fully developed, but his brain is not yet able to interpret what he sees. He can see contrasting objects, but he can’t differentiate between similar colors. He can, however, focus on what is most important to him (Mommy) as you cuddle and feed him. By months 2 and 3, your baby is able to see more accurately, and his eyes function more as a team as they work together to produce a single picture. Color vision is almost fully developed by the fourth month, and your child will begin to enjoy the stimulation of bright colors.

4-6 Months

Your baby has now become more skilled in tracking movement. He will watch people move across the room, and he is able to see smaller objects. His hand-eye coordination is also beginning to develop, so he’ll start reaching for items and will become more adept at grasping them.

6-8 Months

At this age, your baby will have a better sense of depth perception. This helps prepare him for becoming mobile, and he’ll start actively pursing what he sees. Your infant will also begin to understand the concept of object permanence. He may enjoy visual games, such as finding a partially hidden object or playing peek-a-boo. This is a good age for your child to have his first eye exam. The doctor will test your infant’s visual acuity and make sure that his eyes are tracking properly.

8-12 Months

Get ready! Your baby has become an accurate judge of distance, and he is more than likely able to find a way to get to an object he wants from across the room. His hand and eye coordination have become much better as well, which means that you need to exercise your good vision by keeping an eye on your little one. He’ll use his newfound skills to open cabinets and empty boxes. He will also begin to practice putting objects into containers. You may have noticed that your baby’s eye color has been changing as he grows older. By about 8 months of age, the eye color should be nearly fully developed.

1 to 2 Years

Your child now has very good depth perception, which is crucial for walking and playing. He’ll become a pro at exploring his environment. He’ll also start showing more interest in books and coloring activities. Promote his development by reading colorful picture books daily. Let him practice scribbling with crayons or markers, and give him the opportunity to finger-paint.

About the Author: Sara Roberts writes for Just Eyewear, a discount eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses online retailer.

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 What Does Your Baby See? A Guide to Your Babys Eye Development
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  1. As a mom, I fully understood this kind of explanation in child development. What hasn’t prepared me is the teething time of a baby. They have fevers and diarrhea, is it normal?

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  2. @Maya, teething should not cause fever or diarrhea. If that is the case you should talk to your doctor. My kid also had diarrhea while cutting teeth but that is because she was putting her hands in her mouth too much. Sometimes her hands were clean and sometimes not. So try to get baby’s hands clean and also remove any harmful substance if any from the baby’s reach.
    I’ll advise to check on your doctor to be on a safe side.
    Happy Mothering :)

  3. Actually for me I fully understood this kind of explanation in child development. What hasn’t prepared me is the teething time of a baby…Thank you :)

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  13. I can and have spent hours just looking into my baby girls eyes .Huge pools of pure innocence .Makes me want to throw away my depression supplements and bask in the joy she radiates from her eyes and spirit.Windows to the soul and all that…


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